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Tulamben dive sites are the main reason divers from all over the world come to this village. Top attraction of all, is the USAT Liberty Wreck, a sunken US cargo ship from WWII relic. The wreck is easily accessible by shore dive 30 metres out into the sea. Even snorkelers could get a glimpse of the wreck top structure.

The wreck is encrusted with a rich varieties of colourful soft corals and is inhabited by myraids and school of fishes. School of jack fish are often seen in the early morning circling around the wreck.The fishes that inhabited the wreck are used to divers and will often swim close and along side divers.

Besides the USAT Liberty site, Tulamben has 3 other dive sites, close to one another by foot.
The next popular site is the Wall or Drop Off. It's where one encounters big fishes and equally large
hard corals. The wall is equally an interesting dive, gradually bottom out to 65 or 75 metres into the shadowy deep.

Nearby to Tulamben, there are others dive sites in the neighbouring villages. All in, there are roughly 12 dive sites, with different biodiversity and features. It will takes more than one visit to
discover all the sites.

The water around the shore of Tulamben is relatively calm and pleasant most times of the year and with good visibility. Partly due to this and easy accessibilty to the dive sites neared shore, Tulamben is popular with beginner divers and those who wish to learn or experience diving for the first time. Where else in the world can one do an open water diving certification course, in a  wreck.

Bluehill Resort has a diving center offering diving equipments for rental and courses on different level of diving certification to those who wish to be certified diver. Our dive masters have logged countless dives around all the sites in Tulamben and nearby. They are thoroughly familiar with the geography and the biodiversities of different sites, so you are in safe hands diving with us. We want every guest that stay with us to have pleasant memories of their dives and holiday in Tulamben.


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Mount seraya and Lempuyang vie from the 3rd floor balcony in the late afternoon.


Our dive centre provides air filled and nitrox mixed cylinders without extra charge. Divers who wish to dive with nitrox mixed gas must be in possession of a nitrox certification card. For those who wish to be certified in nitrox diving, we do conduct a one day course.